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That’s my boy

This is my 2yo son James with one of his favorite toys, an old film SLR. He loves the shutter noise and winds it on so he can shoot another frame but I don’t think he understands why there is no picture on the back :)

The Vineyard

photograph of 2 gorgeous models in a Hunter Valley vineyard
These images are the result of a massive team effort during the Mid Winter Model Shootout. Organised by Damien Lloyd of SeaSalt Studios and held this year at Broke in the Hunter Valley. 6 photographers, 10 models and the awesome Dave SFX slaving away on hair and make up around the clock. Everyone had a fantastic time and produced some amazing images. The gorgeous models here, Molly and Emily Patch were photographed by myself and 2 other photographers, Daniel Courtney from Insane Photography and Scott Doyle Photography.
The image above was made with a Canon 45mm Tilt Shift lens on a 5DmkII, lit with Daniel’s Elinchrom Ranger and Deep Octa softbox mounted on a boom above left. Below, I used the 85mm f1.2
photograph of 2 gorgeous models in a Hunter Valley vineyard

The Pelican

I have a canvas print of this pelican on my living room wall and I realised yesterday that I haven’t blogged it before. It’s one of my favourite images, one that I had seen in my head for years before I came across the opportunity to shoot it.
photo of a pelican perched on a street light

It’s a boy and we have a name!

I’m delighted to announce the birth of my baby boy, born on his due date Saturday 25th June 2011 at 13:21. Jacinta and I had a girls name locked in but we were completely unprepared when it came to boys names but we’ve finally decided to name him Austin Sinclair. Austin is Jacinta’s grandmothers maiden name, it’s not a reference to Austin Powers – but Danger IS his middle name.
There are some more photos at this link taken shortly after his birth. They’re not exactly graphic but you might not want to click if you’re squeamish, or pregnant.