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Dancing from the stars

couple dancing on their wedding day

This image was taken over a year ago at a wedding I photographed in Sydney with Melanie Birt.   I usually hate strong vignette’s but this photo screamed for it and I gave in.

Far behind

I’m behind, waaay behind on posting to the blog.  So I’m changing the rules and I’m just going to post whatever, whenever and not worry about how old or new it is.  If I like it and haven’t posted it before, it’s fair game.

This image was taken over 2 years ago and I’ve never been happy enough with the post processing to say that it’s finished.  I haven’t changed it in over a year but now, today, it’s finished.sunrise at the glasshouse rocks, Narooma

That’s my boy

This is my 2yo son James with one of his favorite toys, an old film SLR. He loves the shutter noise and winds it on so he can shoot another frame but I don’t think he understands why there is no picture on the back :)