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I just ordered one of these portable hard drive/backup units. The 120Gb Sanho Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA will let me backup CF cards as soon as they come out of the camera, primarily to use for wedding photography. The screen and menu is apparently fairly basic but good enough to be certain that I have 2 copies of all photos before I leave a shoot. It’s much easier to use and much smaller than a laptop or netbook and it will be a central piece of my wedding photography gear.

Sanho Hyperdrive ColorspaceSanho Hyperdrive Colorspace

Wasp ballet

This wasp flew into my life and begged me to photograph her, or maybe it was a him?? How would you know?
close up photo of an orange and black wasp against a green background

Some Apostles

I’ve wanted to drive the Great Ocean Road and see the 12 Apostles since I was 14.  This year I lived that dream with my wife and boys, it was better than I imagined in every way :)

photo of sunset at the 12 apostles