God rays

I’ve been doing some photography for a Sydney golf course recently, the same one that featured in my old website header.  They need some new shots of the course and clubhouse after they’ve finished installing new weather/sun sails.  They also needed some food photography for advertising and their website, that isn’t normally my thing but there is a certain appeal to my pedantic nature.  I spent an evening out there a couple of weeks ago salivating over several gorgeous meals and the photos I took turned out pretty well and I might post some soon.  Early this week I thought the sails would be close to finished so I headed over for a quick scouting mission, to find the best angles and take a photo or two.  The sails weren’t up yet, the spines had only just been painted.  But while I was standing there, this happened. 

Panoramic photograph of god rays.  Rays of sun streaming through the clouds over golfers on the green behind a water hazard.

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